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Dual Button

Design a Dual Button in the Gutenberg editor with unique features and capabilities for each button. You can easily insert icons, text, and various customization options between the buttons to serve as dividers and enhance the overall design

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Omnipress Dual Button Block

Key Features of Dual Button Block

Create beautiful, customizable dual buttons that drive engagement and conversions.

Enhanced Content Customization

Experience unlimited ways to tailor your content to perfection, ensuring every element meets your precise specifications.

Responsive Design Controls

Easily preview and adjust your buttons to look stunning on any device, from desktops to smartphones.

Flexible Button Configuration

Effortlessly configure buttons to align with your website’s needs, enhancing user interaction and engagement.

Customizable Button Borders

Add and style borders to your buttons, giving them a distinct and polished appearance.

Dynamic Color Customization

Tailor the color of your buttons to match your site’s theme or branding seamlessly.

Connector Integration

Enhance functionality by adding connectors, making your buttons more interactive and useful.

Dual buttons design

Customize Button With Unlimited Flexibility

Loream ipsum dolor ament eoprt amert serasm loream ipsum ament
dusioe aeprt alejt amnt qerslept akdhth qwither amers

Dual buttons design

Dual Button Example

Loream ipsum dolor ament eoprt amert serasm loream dusioe aeprt alejt amnt qerslept akdhth qwither amers

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