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Woo Category List

Effortlessly organize and navigate through WooCommerce product categories with the WooCommerce Category List Block. Customize settings to enhance usability and streamline category browsing on your online store.

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Omnipress Woo Category List Block

Key Features of Woo Category List Block

The WooCommerce Category List Block effectively organizes and showcases product categories, enhancing navigation and usability across your WooCommerce store.

Clear Category Navigation

Display WooCommerce product categories in a structured list format, making it intuitive for customers to explore your store’s offerings.

Customizable List Styles

Tailor the appearance of your category list with options for bullet points, indentation, and font styles to align with your store’s visual identity.

Seamless WooCommerce Integration

Automatically sync and manage product categories from your WooCommerce store, ensuring accurate and up-to-date navigation for users.

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Our Popular Categories

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Our Popular Categories

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Our Popular Categories

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